Clothing made for EveryBody

A Philanthropic Clothing line

EveryBody is a Movement for the Less Fortunate.

The EveryBody (EB) Clothing Brand was established in 2020 in an effort to help the less fortunate with basic needs and necessities by the then 17 year old founder Emmett Bowman. EveryBody is a brand that was designed to help everyday people with everyday needs. "The EB Brand is the perfect manifestation of my dreams and I believe that it will turn into something that is special" said Bowman. "What sets this clothing line apart from any other clothing line is its affordable, fun, and for everybody. When buying EB brand you have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a local business and helping less fortunate people. Twenty percent of our proceeds are donated to those in impoverished areas."

EveryBody is more than a brand. It is a movement inspired by the challenge of creating change for good and unity in local communities. The EveryBody clothing brand is based in Crawfordsville, Indiana and specializes in an apparel line that consists of headwear, sweatshirts, shirts, pants, shorts, bags, and gear that are embroidered and printed by local Crawfordsville businesses. A portion of the proceeds are donated to both local Crawfordsville, Indiana charity organizations and national charity organizations.

Emmett Bowman, EveryBody Founder
Our Journey

Emmett Bowman's journey into the world of business and fashion began during his formative years at Crawfordsville High School, where his passion for fashion and design took root. It was there that he discovered his innate talent for creativity and innovation, which ignited his entrepreneurial spirit. As he delved deeper into the realm of fashion, he realized the power of branding and marketing in shaping consumer perceptions and preferences.

With a desire to further hone his skills and knowledge in business and marketing, Emmett embarked on his academic journey at the University of Evansville. Immersed in a rigorous curriculum, he eagerly absorbs insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and strategic planning, all while cultivating a deep understanding of the intricacies of the fashion industry.

As Emmett progresses through his studies, he envisions a future where his passion for fashion intersects seamlessly with his business acumen. With graduation on the horizon in the year 2026, he is poised to leverage his education and experiences to propel his brand to new heights of success. Every step of the way, Emmett remains committed to his vision, driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedication to making a meaningful impact in the world of fashion.

Organizations We Work With.
Glenwood Leadership Academy

EveryBody donated $300, letting three very talented kids attend for free at a dance camp over the summer! Thank you for all those supporting me; more things to come.

EveryBody Unite.

15% of our procedes are donated to local Crawfordsville and national charity organizations.
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